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Remembering George A. Miller

Colleagues recall more than seven stories about the life and science of eminent cognitive psychologist George A. Miller, author of the famous paper “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.” ... More>

Observer Article

Charter Member Memories

The Observer recently invited our charter members to share their memories of APS. What was happening at the founding of the Association? What prompted them to join and remain loyal […]... More>

Celebrating 20 Years of Advancing Psychological Science

APS was founded in 1988 to advance scientific psychology. The vision of our founders was instrumental in making APS a success story and members have guided this effort with leadership, […] More>

The History of APS: A Timeline

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of APS, we have created a special area of the website devoted to celebrating the last 20 years of APS history. This section features an interactive timeline of APS history detailing the vision of our founders and the success story that is APS. ... More>

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APS Born While Washington Was Busy with Other Matters

No disrespect for the importance of the event, but the slice of Washington concerned with science was engaged with other matters, bizarre and normal, when APS was born in 1988. […]... More>