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An Evolutionary Perspective

Guest columnist Klaus Fiedler offers an evolutionary perspective on the young field of psychological science. ... More>

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The Either/Or of Psychological Science: A Reflection

There are many things to be happy or concerned about in our field; these include the science of psychological science, its application, and its development internationally. ... More>

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Celebrating 25 Years of APS

The next few issues of APS’s journal Perspectives on Psychological Science will include special sections highlighting some of the major changes in the field between 1988 and the present. ... More>

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Psychological Memory Science and Legal Reforms

The prevalence of wrongful convictions because of faulty eyewitness testimony is becoming clear thanks to some high-profile cases involving exoneration by DNA. ... More>

Scientists Will Discuss Paul Meehl’s Legacy at the 25th APS Annual Convention

In a symposium cosponsored by the Psychometric Society at the 25th APS Annual Convention, four eminent speakers will discuss Paul Meehl’s legacy for clinical psychology and scientific thinking. ... More>