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New Editorial Team for the New Year

Psychological Science marks the completion of the transition from Rob Kail’s editorship to that of the journal’s new Editor in Chief, Eric Eich. ... More>

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Reflections on Five Years as Editor

A new submission every 3 hours and 12 minutes, makes for a busy 5 years with Psychological Science. ... More>

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In His Own Words

Incoming Editor-in-chief Eric Eich shares his vision for Psychological Science.... More>

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Recognizing Michele Nathan

This year, the APS Board of Directors honored the fixer who for 20 years has almost single-handedly made APS journals the best, clearest, and most pleasant-to-read journals in the field. Since nearly the first issue of our flagship journal, Michele Nathan has whipped Psychological Science articles into shape (often a bewildering experience for authors, who are not used to her strictness about the minutiae of grammar and usage). And as the journal has grown, Michele has trained a growing cadre of copy editors to take the same old-school, craftsman-like approach to the art.... More>