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Presidential Column: Reaching for Relevance

Twenty-five years ago, when I was in graduate school, my advisor received a phone call from a newspaper reporter. My advisor had just received a large grant from the National […]... More>

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When Research Findings and Social Norms Collide

There have been a good many discussions of the complicated and challenging inter- relationships between behavioral science research and social policy or program development, viewed from a variety of perspectives […]... More>

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Advancing Applied Psychology: KU Conference Focuses on Bringing Science to Society

On April 1 and 2, 2005, the department of applied behavioral science at the University of Kansas hosted a national conference, “Advancing Applied Behavioral Science in Psychology: Solving Societal Problems […]... More>

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The Changing Image of Psychology: The Rise of Applied Psychology

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education show tremendous growth in the number of psychology degrees granted at all levels. Over the past […]... More>

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Psychological Scientists in the Private Sector

Voicing Psychology at Big Blue BY JAMES R. LEWIS As an engineering psychologist at International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), I’m involved in commercializing the voice and speech technologies developed by […]... More>