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Naturally Nasty

Lab studies reveal just how difficult it is for some people to keep their anger from hijacking their behavior. ... More>

It’s Not That Easy Being Mean

Recent work in social neuroscience indicates that the brains of hotheaded people seem to work extra hard to control their outbursts, but for some reason fail to do so. ... More>

The Two Faces of Shame

Twenty-four year old Shawn Gementera was caught red-handed pilfering letters from private mailboxes along San Francisco’s Fulton Street. Mail theft is a serious crime, and it was not Gementera’s first […]... More>

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Callous-Unemotional Traits in Children

Children lacking in empathy and guilt are associated with an increased risk of adult psychopathy, but these traits may be malleable. ... More>

Qui sont les sadiques ordinaires? (Who are the everyday sadists?)