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19th APS Annual Convention – Opening Ceremony Award Presentations

APS President Morton Ann Gernsbacher welcomes attendees to the 19th APS Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. Presentation of William James Fellow Awards to: Elliot Aronson and Richard Schiffrin Presentation of […]... More>

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Festschrift in Honor of Sandra Scarr

Organized by Richard Weinberg and Kathleen McCartney, the Festschrift in honor of Sandra Scarr celebrated her lifetime contributions to the understanding of fundamental problems relating to child development and family […]... More>

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Intelligence Redefined

According to traditional intelligence paradigms, intelligence peaks around the age of 25. Discouraging news for the 26 and over set. But take heart: APS Fellow and Charter Member Phillip L. […]... More>

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PSPI Symposium

Valerie F. Reyna (Cornell; left) and Stephen D. Penrod (John Jay College; middle), this year’s presenters at the Psychological Science in the Public Interest (PSPI) symposium, sit with symposium chair, […]... More>

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The End of the End of Ideology

In the aftermath of World War II, many social scientists claimed that individual citizens’ political attitudes lacked the consistency to be considered ideological and that there was little difference is […]... More>