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<em>Current Directions in Psychological Science</em>

Current Directions in Psychological Science: Volume 24, Number 1

Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, publishes reviews by leading experts covering all of scientific psychology and its applications.

Lisa M. Christian

Unpacking Emotion Differentiation: Transforming Unpleasant Experience by Perceiving Distinctions in Negativity
Todd B. Kashdan, Lisa Feldman Barrett, and Patrick E. McKnight

Category Learning Stretches Neural Representations in Visual Cortex
Jonathan R. Folstein, Thomas J. Palmeri, Ana E. Van Gulick, and Isabel Gauthier

The Changing Face of Attentional Development
Jelena Ristic and James T. Enns

Developing Sensorimotor Systems in Our Sleep
Mark S. Blumberg

Moral Character in Person Perception
Geoffrey P. Goodwin

Social Networks in Later Life: Weighing Positive and Negative Effects on Health and Well-Being
Karen S. Rook

Identity Fusion
William B. Swann Jr. and Michael D. Buhrmester

The Intrinsic Dynamics of Psychological Process
Robin R. Vallacher, Paul Van Geert, and Andrzej Nowak

“Wait! Just Let Me Not Think About That for a Minute”: What Role Do Implicit Processes Play in Higher-Level Cognition?
Ben R. Newell

Generalized Trust: Four Lessons From Genetics and Culture
Paul A. M. Van Lange

*Paul A. M. Van Lange will be speaking in an invited symposium at the 27th APS Annual Convention held in New York, NY, USA.

Religion’s Profound Influences on Psychology: Morality, Intergroup Relations, Self-Construal, and Enculturation
Adam B. Cohen

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