On the Newsstand

The Geography of Personality Newsweek August 23, 2008 “Since personality is so important to both social and individual outcomes, the hunt is on for which traits vary geographically and why. […]... More>

Presidential Column

Our Urban Legends: Journal Reviews

In my last column, I discussed urban legends about journal publishing, noting that these have subtle and not so subtle influences on how research is done and presented that can […]... More>

Teaching Tips

The Value of Psychology 101 in Liberal Arts Education: A Psychocentric Theory of the University

Most students who take the general, introductory psychology course (hereafter called Psychology 101) are not psychology majors. They take the course because they think it will be interesting, or because […]... More>

Cover Story

The Many Lives of Superstition

We’re nearing the end of a long campaign season in which every factor under the sun has come into play: Issues of age, race, gender, experience/inexperience. Round and round it […]... More>