Observer Article

Statistical Literacy: A Prerequisite for Evidence-Based Medicine

Currently in the United States, a prostate cancer drug is being touted in a novel way: The claimed primary benefit of the drug is not that it reduces the risk […]... More>

Observer Article

Behavioral Research and AARP

A few years ago, a watershed book, The Mature Mind by renowned health researcher Gene Cohen, challenged prevailing assumptions about mental aging. Grounded in the latest studies of the brain […]... More>


Trusting Your Inner Negotiator

My wife and I recently signed a treaty to end the protracted Thermostat War. It was a hard-fought war at times. With the temperature in our apartment yo-yoing from sauna-like […]... More>


On the Newsstand

The Geography of Personality Newsweek August 23, 2008 “Since personality is so important to both social and individual outcomes, the hunt is on for which traits vary geographically and why. […]... More>

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Our Urban Legends: Journal Reviews

In my last column, I discussed urban legends about journal publishing, noting that these have subtle and not so subtle influences on how research is done and presented that can […]... More>