Student Notebook

Mentoring: Long-Distance Relationships are Worth the Trouble

There are many ways for students to acquire and maintain mentoring relationships that foster research, clinical, and other professional development. The rationale for mentoring is clear. Students benefit from the […]... More>


On the Newsstand

The ‘No’ Muscle: How To Bulk Up Your Self-Control Boston Sunday Globe December 16, 2007 “If self-control can tire like a muscle, then one intriguing corollary is that it can […]... More>


Road Trip! APS Visits UVA

It’s not often that adults get to take field trips. Once we are grown, the prospect of a day away from the ordinary usually fades along with our memories of […]... More>

Observer Article

In Hard Times, NIH Reviews Peer Review

When he was president of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson concluded that it was easier to move a cemetery than it was to change a college curriculum. The same might be […]... More>

Observer Article

About Face

The motorcycle accident happened in August of 1980 and life would never be the same for the 39-year-old driver. His right arm endured significant damage, and he was right-handed. His […]... More>