Engle Named Editor of Current Directions in Psychological Science

APS Fellow Randy Engle was the first on either side of his family to go to college; in fact, the first on one side to graduate from high school. The […]... More>



Those Were the Days: Counteracting Loneliness with Nostalgia With the days getting shorter (and colder) and the holidays quickly approaching, many of us start thinking back to days gone by. […]... More>

Observer Article

Budget Outlook for Science is Bleak

If campaign rhetoric has predictive value, science will do well under the Obama administration, both in money and respectful attention by political leaders. Respect comes free and may be counted […]... More>


IOM Explores Gene-Environment Interplay

Is biology destiny? That’s the question the Institute of Medicine (IOM) set out to investigate at its annual meeting this fall in Washington, DC. In exploring the interaction of genes […]... More>

Teaching Tips

I’d Like to Use Active Learning… But What Can I Do?

To experience an important psychological phenomenon, carefully follow these instructions: Pick a number between 1 and 50 and write it on a piece of paper Fold the paper in half […]... More>