Textbooks: Not just for your syllabus anymore

While the idea of a “favorite textbook” may be an oxymoron for students, a good one can affect more than just a grade. Spurred by a New York Times writer […]... More>


Just Published

“Just Published” announces new books by APS Members. If you have published a book within the past year, e-mail a brief description of the book to justpublished@psychologicalscience.org. Brain Gender Melissa […]... More>

Observer Article

Opening Skinner’s Box Causes Controversy

A team of behavioral researchers has published a study that questions the authenticity of a chapter from Lauren Slater’s book, Opening Skinner’s Box, in which the author resurrects a volatile […]... More>


Mavis Hetherington

Mavis Hetherington, pioneer explorer of family dynamics, is a victim of happenstance. She really wanted to write fiction, taking psychology courses only to help with characterization. Luckily for science, the […]... More>


Wired History

With just a few clicks of the mouse, there they are: over 250 of the most historic works in the history of psychology. The site, Classics in the History of […]... More>