Student Notebook

Champions of Psychology: Robert Levine

As part of our ongoing series with psychology’s leading professors, Robert Levine, California State University, Fresno, recently shared his advice for success and the challenges facing graduate students. Levine is […]... More>

Academic Observer

E-Mail Onslaught: What Can We Do?

A joke that is making the rounds: God bumps into Satan after not seeing her for many years. “Satan,” She says, “you have been lying low. Except for nuclear weapons, […]... More>

Observer Article

William James’ Shaky Sojourn in Stanford

When the developmental psychology team John and Eleanor Flavell came to Stanford in 1976, they rented a house that contained a dusty copy of The Letters of William James, edited […]... More>

Cover Story

Psychology by Design

Too bad the phrase “intelligent design” is already taken (especially because it is neither). It would be the perfect name to capture the exciting collaborations taking place at the intersection […]... More>


Just Published

Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods: Evolutionary, Developmental, and Cultural Perspectives Barry S. Hewlett, (ed.) and Michael E. Lamb, (ed.) 2005 Transaction Publishers ISBN: 0-202-30748-4 483 Pages In the vast anthropological literature devoted to […]... More>