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Go Away. Here’s How.

What began with a simple click at led me to an abundance of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and, eventually, to Nepal. I received the Fulbright Award in March of 2004 along […]... More>

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Contagious Behavior

On a fall morning in 1998, a teacher at a Tennessee high school noticed the smell of gas in her classroom and soon felt dizzy and nauseous. Some of her […]... More>

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Divided We Lose

I can remember a lunch I once had with Leon Festinger. We used to lunch once a week in New York at our favorite Italian restaurant, Il Bambino. Back in […]... More>

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Consequences of a Self-Appraisal, Self-Correcting Approach to Exams

I read with interest Joann M. Montepare’s article “A Self- Correcting Approach to Multiple Choice Tests” [Observer, October 2005]. Montepare’s suggestion, to return students their exams, so that they may […]... More>


‘To be or, or … um … line!’

How do you learn all those lines?” It is the question most asked of actors and their art. The ability to remember and effortlessly deliver large quantities of dialogue verbatim […]... More>