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Testifying in Court Can Amplify Trauma For Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

It goes without saying that childhood sexual abuse is often a traumatic experience. Add to that revisiting the abuse in courtroom testimony, and a complex picture emerges about the full […]... More>

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Memory and Consciousness: Consciousness to Unconsciousness and Back Again

Have you ever been driving through busy streets, listening to the radio, and suddenly realized you had no recollection of driving the previous 14 blocks? All of the turns you […]... More>

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Making Sense of Terrorism

It is far easier to interview New Yorkers about 9/11 than it is to interview Osama bin Laden about why he does what he does. For that obvious reason, “The […]... More>

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Freedom and Choice, Culture and Class

Ask for a cup of coffee in Starbucks and you’ll face a seemingly infinite number of choices: tall, soy, java chip frappuccino, extra-hot, half-caf. Shop for jeans at the Gap […]... More>

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Presidential Symposium: The Medium Is Still the Message

“Can we talk?” Joan Rivers’ signature catchphrase is something psychologists might consider adopting, at least according to a panel of eminent journalists talking about “The Mind in the Media” at […]... More>