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Our Beastly Selves: Exorcising the Ghosts of Anthropomorphism

In his classic 1872 book, The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals, Darwin wrestled with the challenges associated with interpreting animal behavior. Can we use psychological attributes to refer […]... More>

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Observer Forum: Befriending Taylor’s Research

SHELLEY TAYLOR’S FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT research [Observer, January 2004] was very insightful, and I can draw an analogy of her work with that of Carol Gilligan, in teasing apart the subtleties of […]... More>

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The Secret Vita

A flurry of correspondence came to me after my January 2004 presidential column, “Vita Voyeur.” It turns out that when I listed several types of vitae toward the end of […]... More>

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What Happened to Behaviorism

The year 2004 marks the centenary of B. F. Skinner’s birth. I doubt that most members of the American Psychological Society (and even a smaller proportion of all psychologists) will […]... More>

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Expressing Genetic Information

Last April, scientists announced the completion, with greater than 99.99 percent accuracy, of the Human Genome Project, the culmination of a publicly funded, 13-year international effort to sequence the three […]... More>