Guidelines for Publication of Supplemental Material

(Updated 10/21/2013)

Authors are free to submit certain types of supplemental material for online-only publication. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, such material will be published online on the journal’s web site, linked to the article. However, such material must be supplemental and cannot be essential for the reader to understand the manuscript. Please see the Submission Guidelines and Contributor FAQ for additional information.

Note that these guidelines refer to supplemental material intended for online publication with an article. Authors may also upload supplemental material intended only to aid reviewers. Please follow the instructions in the submission system to ensure that files are given the proper designation during the submission process.

Video files can be submitted in QuickTime (*.mov), MPEG Movie (*.mpg), and Microsoft AVI Video (*.avi); acceptable audio files include Windows Media Player (*.wma) and MP3 (*.mp3). Signed release from all participants in audio and video clips is required; please use the Audio/Visual Likeness Release Form for this purpose.

Conventions for naming files that contain supplemental material

Please use the following conventions for naming files:

• Any material that would appear as a table in the main text (e.g., a list of stimuli, additional results) should appear in files named FirstAuthorLastNameTableS1, FirstAuthorLastNameTableS2, etc. (e.g., AndersonTableS1)

• Additional figures should appear in files named FirstAuthorLastNameFigS1, FirstAuthorLastNameFigS2, etc. (e.g., AndersonFigS1)

• Videos should appear in files named FirstAuthorLastNameVideoS1, FirstAuthorLastNameVideoS2, etc. (e.g., AndersonVideoS1)

• Files containing supplemental materials that do not fit into these categories should be given brief descriptive titles, such as FirstAuthorLastNameAdditionalAnalyses or FirstAuthorLastNameMethodologicalDetails. If you have questions about how to name such a file, feel free to e-mail us at

Conventions for citing supplemental material within the manuscript

“Table S2 in the Supplemental Material available online presents findings for individual scenarios.”

“Serial-position curves for individuals are shown in Figure S1 in the Supplemental Material available online.”