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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Johns Hopkins University


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Postdoctoral research fellowships available in a stimulating, productive program with excellent resources. Prepare to be an independent investigator.

HUMAN LABORATORY -- behavioral & clinical pharmacology of abused drugs (abuse liability, self-administration, cognitive/ memory function, impulsivity, neuroimaging); anti-drug abuse medication development; behavioral research related to addiction: delay discounting, behavioral economics, and sexual risk behavior. Opioids, cocaine, anxiolytics, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, hallucinogens, psilocybin, salvinorin A, MDMA, methamphetamine.

CLINICAL TRIALS - testing medications, behavioral therapies (especially incentive/contingency-based), and combinations; psychiatric comorbidity research; addiction & pregnancy/women; therapeutic applications for psilocybin (cancer anxiety & smoking cessation). Opioid, cocaine, tobacco, mixed/other dependencies.

Eligibility: U.S. citizen, permanent resident. Many backgrounds are appropriate, including experimental or clinical psychology, pharmacology, psychiatry, neuroscience, public health, and social work. Background in human or nonhuman research is appropriate.

NIH stipend levels: $37K - 51K+.

Start Date: Flexible.

Faculty: George Bigelow, Roland Griffiths, Maxine Stitzer, Eric Strain, Kenneth Silverman, Robert Brooner, Miriam Mintzer, Una McCann, Ryan Vandrey, Anthony DeFulio, Matthew Johnson

To apply: Contact George Bigelow; BPRU, Behavioral Biology Research Center; 5510 Nathan Shock Drive; Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus; Baltimore, Maryland 21224-6823. (410) 550-0035; For more information see

    When applying for this position, please mention you saw this ad in the APS Postdoc Exchange.

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