Data from a longitudinal study showed that certain personality traits predicted longer lifespans, but that friends of participants were much more adept at identifying these traits than the participants themselves. More>>

  Our Voices Project Power — Or Lack Thereof

Power truly does change you — or at least your voice. Psychological scientists found that the voices of study participants rose or fell in pitch depending on how much power they were told they had in a negotiation scenario. More>>
Psychological scientists say myriad misconceptions about sex and communication contribute to the high volume of sexual assaults on college campuses. More>>
An undergraduate student details how she taught herself the “new statistics” of confidence intervals, effect sizes, and more using software and help from her professors and roommate. More>>
“Drowsy driving” accounts for about 100,000 crashes each year, yet gets far less attention than its more easily identifiable counterpart, drunk driving. A new study shows motorists may not always be aware of when they should take a breakMore>>
Psychological science suggests that exposing women to positive examples of leaders who share their gender identity helps them feel less conflicted about their roles as leaders and their roles as women. More>>

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