Scientists recognize a single “g factor” that encompasses various cognitive abilities related to intelligence. Recent clinical research suggests that a similar factor — the “p factor” — may describe an individual’s propensity to develop mental illness. More>>

How We Make
Decisions Matters

When faced with a decision, some people tend to follow their instinct, while others examine all their options carefully. Researchers investigated whether one of these tends to be viewed as the “better” decision-making style. More>>
Asking people to reflect on how they want to be remembered increased their commitment to addressing future problems such as global warming, a team of researchers at Columbia University found. More>>
Sharing an activity, whether positive or negative, yields a more intense experience than engaging in the same activity alone. Such findings might hold important lessons about social life in a world of distractions. More>>


Economic conditions play a role in whether teens interested in science can further their knowledge outside the classroom. More>>
Anger On and Off the Road:
Are They Related?
Angry drivers will swear, honk, and cut you off, but does this behavior translate into their everyday lives? A psychological scientist from the University of Deusto in Spain conducted a study to find out. More>>


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