The way our brains process information while driving may mean that hands-free cell phones are not as safe as previously thought, according to new research. 

Paving the Way for ‘New Statistics’

How will the “new statistics” shape the future of data analysis? APS Fellow Geoff Cumming shares some examples — and some advice — in a new 6-part video tutorial. More>>

How — and why — do we rationalize white lies or “small” acts of dishonesty? New research suggests that it has to do with our past behavior and our future plans.
What personality traits do managers seek when assessing job candidates? New research suggests that two traits are particularly important. More>>
Study participants in all-male groups who had consumed alcohol were more likely to “catch” each other’s smiles than those who were sober, suggesting that alcohol may induce “social bravery” among men. More>>
Making your stories meaningful to your audience is part of a three-part strategy that will help you explain your research findings, says APS Fellow Janet B. Ruscher. More>>

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