Ritalin may be good for more than just helping to improve concentration, suggests a team of psychological scientists from the University of Michigan. More>>

Can there be such a thing as talent overload on a team? Researchers examined a variety of sports to find out. More>>
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 Creative Hobbies Linked
With Job Performance

Pursuing creative hobbies during free time may help stimulate innovation and improve problem-solving skills in the workplace, a new study suggests. More>>

APS Fellow Brian Nosek tells young scientists not to be afraid of being different or looking stupid. More>>


See Nosek lead a workshop on the Open Science Framework at the APS Annual Convention.



Don’t miss the chance to hear Mahzarin R. Banaji, an APS Past President and a pioneer in the study of implicit association, deliver the keynote address at the 2014 APS Convention in San Francisco. More>>


Psychological Science Job Mentorship Match

 The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS) have developed a new program to support job mentorship for graduate student, postdoctoral, and early career members. Visit the searchable database to see opportunities to connect with psychological scientists in a variety of jobs and settings.


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