Psychological scientists Peter Chew and Denise Dillon outline several ways instructors can help reduce students’ statistics anxiety. More>>

When it comes to detecting deceit, our automatic associations are better than our conscious reflections, suggest researchers from the University of California, Berkeley. More>>

Meet Philip G. Zimbardo at the Center for the History of Psychology’s booth in the APS Exhibit Hall.
Artifacts from Philip G. Zimbardo’s historic Stanford Prison Experiment will be on display at the 2014 APS Convention in San Francisco, California. More>>

Global and cross-cultural collaboration among students is key to fostering a robust psychological science. More>>



Coming of age during a recession may be linked to lower levels of narcissism in adults, according to a study in Psychological ScienceMore>>

A popular “speed-reading” app for text on small screens may not be as effective as previously thought. More>>

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