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Alan G. Kraut

APS Executive Director
Brenda Milner
Brenda Milner
An Interview with Brenda Milner


Part of a series of conversations with legends of psychological science free for classroom use

In this “Inside the Psychologist’s Studio” interview, Milner sat down with social psychologist and writer Carol Tavris to discuss her life and extraordinary career.

Watch Interview (recorded at the 2012 APS Convention)

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Other interviews in this series include:


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Published in the APS Observer, David G. Myers and C. Nathan DeWall’s new column will bring you guides and tips for teaching from APS’s popular journal Current Directions in Psychological Science.

APS 25th Anniversary
Teaching at the APS Convention
May 23-26, 2013
Washington, DC, USA
APS and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) co-sponsor the annual day-long Teaching Institute before each APS Convention.
2013 Teaching Institute Speakers: David Andresen, Scott C. Bates, D. Alan Bensley, Thomas E. Heinzen, Timothy Jay, Laura A. King, Beth A. Morling, Jonathan F. Mueller, Michael Murtagh, Susan A. Nolan, Bradley R. Postle, Keith E. Stanovich, Daniel Willingham, and Janice D. Yoder

But wait, there's more! APS-David Myers Distinguished Lecture on the
Science and Craft of Teaching Psychology
David L. Strayer, University of Utah
Sample the science from the 2012 APS Convention with videos and news coverage.

APS Support for NITOP

Each year, participants at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP) engage teaching-related topics, keeping educators up-to-date on the discipline’s most recent discoveries, developments, and innovative ways to teach psychological science.

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The speakers at the January 3-6, 2013 meeting include:
Carol Tavris, Elizabeth Loftus, Ludy Benjamin, Jane Halonen,
David Daniel, Marilla Svinicki, and Louis Penner