APSSC Executive Board

Officer History


Tatyana_KholodkovTatyana Kholodkov
University of Wyoming

Tatyana Kholodkov, is a 4th year doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wyoming, and is currently completing her predoctoral internship in psychology at the Durham Veteran Affairs Medical Center.  Her clinical interests focus on non-suicidal self-injury, mindfulness in psychotherapy, and working with women who struggle with trauma and emotion regulation difficulties.


Hodge_JamesJames J. Hodge
University of Vermont

James Hodge is a fifth-year doctoral student studying Social Psychology at the University of Vermont. Broadly, his research explores stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Current areas of interest include sexism and sexual harassment, mental health stigma, HIV/AIDS stigma, weight-based stigma, and stereotype threat.

Communications and Marketing Officer

Faith_Summersett-RinggoldFaith Summersett-Ringgold
Northwestern University

Faith Summersett-Ringgold is a second year clinical psychology doctoral student at Northwestern University. At Northwestern, she is a research assistant in the Mental Health Services and Policy Program which addresses the needs of children and families involved in the Illinois child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Faith is interested in examining placement outcomes, traumatic experiences and symptoms, and protective factors among racial minority youth in the Illinois child welfare.

Graduate Advocate

Cantor_AllisonAllison Cantor
Duke University

Allison Cantor is a third-year graduate student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience program at Duke University.  Her research uses behavioral methods to investigate human learning and memory.  More specifically, she is interested in memory errors, the impact of prior knowledge on memory, and applying cognitive psychology to enhance educational practice.

Undergraduate Advocate

Staci_WeissStaci Weiss
SUNY Geneseo

Staci Weiss is a rising senior at SUNY Geneseo in Western New York.  She examines students’ self-presentation, academic effort and outcomes within the social context of middle school with Dr. Joan Zook and authored an Honors Thesis on multilevel regression tree modeling of outcomes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder undergoing behavioral intervention at University of Rochester.

Membership and Volunteers Officer

Jonathan_WaldronJonathan Waldron
Virginia Tech

Jonathan is a fifth-year doctoral student in the Clinical Science program at Virginia Tech. His research examines the social psychophysiological factors associated with victimization and violence perpetration. He is currently investigating associations between physiology, empathy, and psychopathy.

RISE Coordinator

Daniel_KaplinDaniel Kaplin
Walden University

Daniel is sixth year doctoral candidate at Walden University. He is active in New York State Psychological Association’s (NYSPA) Division of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, RxP Committee, and is a former NYSPA Leadership Institute Fellow. His research interests include diversity, religiosity/spirituality matters, and the advancement of psychology as a profession.  He is currently appointed as an Assistant Professor at the College of New Jersey and as an Adjunct Professor at the College of Staten Island

Student Notebook Editor

Carolyn_DaviesCarolyn Davies
University of California, Los Angeles

Carolyn Davies is a fourth-year graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studies basic fear learning processes and the treatment of anxiety disorders and PTSD. Her current research projects include an investigation of affect labeling as a technique for enhancing outcomes from exposure treatment for PTSD.


Student Research Award Coordinator

Slonim_GalGal Slonim
University of Bamberg

Gal is a doctoral student in Social Psychology at University of Bamberg. He received his M.A. from University of Haifa. Gal has been involved with APS for the past three years. He was a 2012 APSSC RISE Research Award recipient and served as the 2014 RISE Competition Coordinator. In his current research, Gal examines factors that may moderate the relationship between self-esteem and school achievements. His other research interests include single life and stereotypes of single people, prejudice against sexual minorities, and dynamics of romantic relationships.