APSSC Executive Board

Officer History


James HodgeJames J. Hodge
University of Vermont

James Hodge is a fourth-year doctoral student studying Social Psychology at the University of Vermont. Broadly, his research explores stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Current areas of interest include sexism and sexual harassment, mental health stigma, HIV/AIDS stigma, weight-based stigma, and stereotype threat. James previously served as the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Advocate.


Kris GunawanKris Gunawan
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Kris Gunawan is a sixth-year doctoral student in experimental psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is interested in examining various cognitive processes related to situation models, reasoning, and memory. His research currently focuses on how multimedia affects people’s comprehension for narratives.

Communications and Marketing Officer

Kathryn KlementKathryn Klement
Northern Illinois University

Kathryn Klement is a third-year doctoral student in social psychology at Northern Illinois University. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degree in psychology at Concordia University Chicago. Her research interests include non-normative sexual behavior and evolutionary psychology. She is currently working on projects investigating non-sexual elements of sadomasochism and the correlates of mate poaching and mate guarding.

Graduate Advocate

Tatyana KholodkovTatyana Kholodkov
University of Wyoming

Tatyana is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Wyoming. She is currently completing her dissertation, a randomized-controlled trial examining the application of a mindfulness-based intervention for non-suicidal self-injury.  She has been involved with APS for the past 4 years through positions such as campus representative, regional rep, and reviewer, and is excited for her term as the Graduate Advocate.

Undergraduate Advocate

Jessica SchubertJessica Schubert
Binghamton University

Jessica Schubert is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at Binghamton University.  Jessica specializes in exposure therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders and her research interests focus on the etiology and maintenance of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Specifically, Jessica’s research focuses on the impact of circadian rhythm disruption on the severity of OCD symptoms.

Membership and Volunteers Officer

Allison CantorAllison Cantor
Duke University

Allison Cantor is a second-year graduate student in the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience program at Duke University.  Her research uses behavioral methods to investigate human learning and memory.   More specifically, she is interested in false memory, the impact of prior knowledge on memory, and applying cognitive psychology to enhance educational practice.

RISE Coordinator

Gal SlonimGal Slonim
Bar-Ilan University

Gal is a first-year doctoral student in Social Psychology at Bar-Ilan University. He obtained his M.A. from the University of Haifa.  Gal is a 2012 RISE Research Award recipient.  His research interests include stereotypes of single men and women, prejudice against sexual minorities and romantic relationships.  He is currently engaged in the study of attitudes towards cohabitation.

Student Notebook Editor

Allison SkinnerAllison Skinner
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Allison is a third-year doctoral student in Psychology with a focus on Social Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research involves the use of neuroimaging technology (primarily ERP) to develop a more comprehensive understanding of social perceptions and intergroup relations. She has a number of current projects centered on perceptions and categorizations of race, stereotypes, and the impacts of observing outgroup prejudice. She has been an active member of the APS Student Caucus since 2011, serving as a campus representative and graduate mentor in the Mentorship Program.