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April 2014

Developmental complexities of both typical and atypical neurocognitive development are the subject of a new Clinical Psychological Science article based on a 2013 symposium at the European Conference on Developmental Psychology. More>>

 A program that helps children master emotional and social skills may curb aggressive behavior later in life, partly by moderating testosterone levels. More>>

With the help of neural imaging, psychological scientists at Yale University are gleaning new information about auditory hallucinations. More>>

Forgiving people who have hurt us may help us suppress unwanted memories, says a team of Scottish researchers.


An eminent scientist discusses his famous “Bobo doll” experiments in a new interview. Watch more interviews with legends of psychological science at the 2014 APS Annual Convention. More>>

Babies show unique physiological and behavioral responses to pleasant touch, which may promote healthy development, say researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.


APS announces a new and innovative international conference dedicated to scientific advances in all areas of psychology and related disciplines. The International Convention of Psychological Science is an opportunity for you to network, take part in scientific presentations, and learn about advances in integrative science. Mark your 2015 calendar with this historic event for psychological science. For the latest list of ICPS speakers and more, visit

Journal of Cognitive Psychology

DOI: 10.1080/20445911.2013.799170

Selected by Janet van Hell

Understanding the Consequences of Bilingualism for Language Processing and Cognition

Judith F. Kroll and Ellen Bialystok

APS Fellows Judith F. Kroll and Ellen Bialystok review research examining the lifelong impacts of bilingualism on cognitive and language processing, arguing that methodological issues have limited researchers’ appreciation of the unique properties of the adult mind that bilingualism research has revealed. More>> 

Each Global Observer features an article from a distinguished international journal. See past selections in the Editor’s Choice archive.  

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