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August 2014


Participants at the inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science will take an integrative look at how people use the Internet to form and maintain friendships and romantic relationships.

Is it possible to identify drivers most likely

to exceed highway speed limits? A study in England identified the single strongest predictor of speeding behavior. More>>

People worldwide want smaller pay disparities between skilled and unskilled workers, but a new study shows they drastically underestimate the size of the wage gap. More>>

Nasty bosses can drive even the most conscientious workers to act unprofessionally. But science shows that it’s often employee misconduct that sparks the abusive supervisionMore>>

A new Clinical Psychological Science Special Series explores the intersection of affective science and clinical science, a relationship that thus far has received minimal attention. More>>

Men love sports, millennials are narcissistic

– or so cultural stereotypes would have us believe. A new investigation shows how these stereotypes may form and be perpetuated. More>>

European Journal of Personality

DOI: 10.1002/per.1908

Selected by Wendy Johnson
Aaron W. Lukaszewski

Scientists have long wondered why certain personality traits covary, or appear together. Psychological scientist Aaron W. Lukaszewski (Loyola Marymount University) proposes in a European Journal of Personality paper that some traits are calibrated based on environmental cues, such as an individual’s power to bargain with others. Calibration based on overlapping environmental cues would explain why certain traits tend to covary, even when they have unique psychometric and neuroanatomical roots. More>>

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