Attendee Amenities

2014 APS Convention App

In 2012, 75% of attendees (more than 3,100) downloaded the APS app on their smart phones and tablets.  Take advantage of this huge captive audience each time they open the app to navigate the convention.

Exclusive App Sponsorship $5,000
Dedicated Banner on Home Page for 2 Days $900
Rotating Banner Ad  on Session Pages for 30 days  $600
Logo in the Exhibitor List $150

Program Kiosk

An essential tool that attendees use to stay connected to e-mail and browse the online convention program. Signs and screen savers will display your logo.

Exclusive $2,500
Single Day $1,450

Coffee_CupCoffee Break

Provide a much needed chance for attendees to relax and recharge during the busy program.
Before Plenary $3,000
General $,2050

Workshop Internet Access

Be the workshop hero while attendees learn the newest technology practices.  Your logo will be displayed on signage and marketing materials included in workshop room.
Each Workshop $1,000