27th APS Annual Convention: Mark Your Calendar (New York, NY, USA - May 21-24, 2015)

Call for Submissions Frequently Asked Questions

The Call for Submissions opens October 1, 2013. Symposia submissions are accepted through midnight December 1, 2013, Pacific Standard Time. Poster submissions are accepted through midnight January 31, 2014, Pacific Standard Time.

For general information about the Call for Submissions please see the Rules and Guidelines


Membership and Convention Registration

  1. What if I’m not a Member of APS – can I still submit a proposal for the convention?
  2. My APS Membership is expired. Do I need to renew in order to submit a proposal?
  3. I just recently joined APS and I don’t have a Member ID Number yet.
  4. How can I submit a proposal without an APS Member ID Number?
  5. Do I have to register for the convention to have my proposal accepted?
  6. Do authors and co-authors have to pay for convention registration?


Submitting Your Proposal

  1. Can I submit my proposal via fax or mail?
  2. My colleague asked me to fill out this online submission form on their behalf. Can you tell me what I need to do? Is my name going to be in the program?
  3. When will I hear whether or not my submission has been accepted?
  4. How will my co-authors be notified of the acceptance, and find out other information about the convention?
  5. What if my e-mail address is different from the one I used to login to the Call for Submissions?
  6. Is there a limit on how many presentations I can submit (both non-poster and poster sessions)?
  7. Who is eligible for the APSSC Student Research Award and the APSSC RISE Research Award?
  8. What if my presentation does not fit into the defined subject areas or keyword areas?
  9. Is there a limit on how many co-authors I can include in my submission?
  10. The order in which the authors are listed is very important. How do I make sure the order will be correct in the convention program?
  11. What if my abstract is over 50 words?
  12. Why don’t the symbols or formatting of my abstract or summary appear correctly?
  13. Where can I submit my bibliography?
  14. I just finalized my submission, and I realized that there is an error in it. How can I make the necessary corrections?
  15. What time will the Call for Submissions be closing?


At the Convention

  1. When and where will the 26th APS Annual Convention and 21st Annual APS-STP Teaching Institute take place?
  2. What is the program schedule?
  3. How do I register for the convention and book a hotel room?
  4. What audio-visual equipment will be available to me in the room?
  5. How much time do I have for my symposium/poster session?

Membership and Convention Registration


  1. Anyone can submit a proposal for consideration; if accepted, the first author, whether or not s/he is attending the convention, must be an APS Member or Student Affiliate in good standing at the time of the convention. All participants at the APS Annual Convention must pay the registration fee to present or attend the convention (please note that registration is deeply discounted for APS Members). Co-authors are not required to be APS Members (although we can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to be….).

  3. While we hope you will renew your membership, you do not need to do so in order to submit a proposal. However, if your proposal is accepted, you must be a member in order to present (please see item #1 above). For your convenience, you will be able to login to the online Call for Submissions using your last name and Member ID even if your membership is expired. If you’ve forgotten your login information, you can enter your e-mail address in the Login Reminder to have this information sent by e-mail.

  5. It takes two to four business days to process your membership, at which time you will receive an e-mail with your Member ID Number. You can create a submitter account in the Call for Submissions without your Member ID by skipping to Step 2 of the Create a New Account section. Your current membership status will not affect the consideration of your proposal.

  7. If you do not have a Member ID number, you can create an account using your own password, by skipping to Step 2 of the Create a New Account section. If you’d like, once you have your Member ID Number, we can change your password to that number, but it is not required.

  9. No, you do not have to register in order to have your submission accepted. All presenters at the APS Annual Convention must pay a registration fee (which is deeply discounted for APS Members). You may register once you receive notification of the acceptance of your submission, and still be eligible for the Early Bird registration rates if you register before March 31. Registration fees and information are available online.

  11. All participants, including presenters at the APS Annual Convention, must pay the registration fee. If the co-author of a presentation will not be present, (s)he is not required to pay the registration fee. As a benefit of membership, APS Members receive significant discounts on convention registration.



Submitting Your Proposal


  1. No, APS only accepts submissions via the APS Online Call for Submissions.

  3. To submit a proposal via the APS Online Call for Submissions, create a new account or login to access an account you may have already created.
  4. The name of proposal submitters will not appear in any program, unless the submitter elects to be listed as an author. Submitter information is only used for communication about the submission, such as notification of acceptance or rejection of the proposal. One important thing to note: Only the person who submits the proposal will receive correspondence relating to the submission. The submitter must notify all authors of the status of the proposal.

  5. Poster submitters will be notified of the acceptance (or rejection) of their poster on a rolling basis, and will be notified of the schedule for their poster in mid-March.

    Symposia submitters will be notified of the decision regarding their submission in late-December. If accepted, submitters will be notified of the schedule for the symposium in late January. Only the person who submitted the proposal will be notified. The person who submitted the proposal is responsible for informing the authors regarding acceptance or rejection of the proposal and if the proposal is accepted, the time and place of the presentation at the convention.


    Please note that all convention attendees, including presenters, must be registered and are responsible for arranging their own travel and hotel accommodations.


  7. Only one person, the person who submitted the proposal, will receive notification by e-mail of acceptance or rejection of a proposal. That person is responsible for notifying all presenters and co-authors. (Please see previous item for details.)

  9. Notification will be sent via e-mail only to the person who submitted the proposal, and only to the e-mail address in the submitter’s profile. If your e-mail address changes after you submit a proposal, please notify us of your new address or update your account information by logging in to the Submission site.

  11. There is no limit to the number of submissions. However, an individual may only be the first author on one presentation at the Annual Convention, with the exception noted below. An individual may, however, participate as a co-author/presenter on multiple presentations. Exception: An individual may be the first author on an APS Annual Convention submission as well as a Teaching Institute Poster.

  13. Current APS Student Affiliates (Graduate or Undergraduate) are eligible for consideration for the Student Research Award and the RISE Research Award. For more information on these awards please visit the APSSC Awards page.

  15. Subject areas must be identified to match each proposal with the best-suited reviewer. A subject area must be selected. The submitter should choose the best one for the submission.

    Keywords are used only for poster submissions. You should select the best keyword for your presentation. If no keyword fits your presentation, please select “Other”. (Note: Keywords are used to group posters by topical clusters in poster sessions.)


  17. Yes, as follows: 
    • Posters may have 1 first author and up to 14 co-authors, for a total of 15 names.
    • A symposium may have a chair, up to four presenters, and one optional discussant. Each presenter can list up to five co-authors that will not be speaking at the convention, but will be listed in the convention program.

  19. The submission form allows you to establish the order by assigning a number to each author or presenter. The order in which you list the authors will be used in the program. Please note that the first author, whether or not (s)he is attending the conference, should be listed as the first author.

  21. Unfortunately, abstracts may not be more than 50 words. A symposium submission may include a title and 50-word abstract for each presenter.

  23. The Call for Submissions accepts plain text submissions only. For this reason, formats and symbols used in word processing programs will often not appear as intended. We are not able to accept submissions in any other format at this time. Please spell out or use alternative plain text symbols when you submit your proposal. Visual formatting will not affect consideration of your proposal’s merit.

  25. If you choose to submit bibliographical information with your submission, please include it at the end of your supporting summary. Please note that this will be counted toward the 500-word limit on your summary text.

  27. Notify APS immediately if you discover an error in your submission. If you notify us that you’d like to change your submission….Before January 31, if it is just a simple spelling correction, we would be happy to make the change(s) for you. However, if a substantive revision is involved, we ask that you notify us so that we can change your finalized submission back into a draft so you can make changes and re-submit your proposal. Please forward all requests to the convention department at convention@psychologicalscience.org.

    After January 31, your original submission may already be under review. Minor editorial errors, such as spelling or grammar typos, are generally easy to accommodate. However, if you have substantive changes that significantly alter your submission, the Program Committee reserves the right to decline to review the revised submission. Please forward these requests to us at convention@psychologicalscience.org.


  29. Symposia submissions are accepted through midnight December 1, 2013, Pacific Standard Time. Poster submissions are accepted through midnight January 31, 2014, Pacific Standard Time.




At the Convention


  1. The 26th APS Annual Convention will take place in San Francisco, CA, USA, at the Hilton San Francisco, May 22 – 25, 2014. The 21st Annual APS-STP Teaching Institute, also at the Hilton San Francisco, will start on Wednesday, May 21 with an evening workshop, and continue all day on Thursday, May 22. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology organizes additional programs during the APS Convention.

  3. The APS Annual Convention formally kicks off with the Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address on Thursday night, followed by a Poster Session and Opening Reception (but there are a number of pre-conference events, including workshops and the APS-STP Teaching Institute). The program continues with award addresses, two cross-cutting theme programs and poster sessions, symposia, and the Presidential Symposium on Friday. Saturday features invited symposia, talks and addresses, a third cross-cutting theme program and poster session and the Bring the Family Address. Saving the best for last, the convention concludes with Symposia Sunday. Poster Sessions are distributed across all days of the convention, starting on Thursday and finishing on Sunday. The Convention is preceded by the Teaching Institute, which begins Wednesday night and runs through Thursday. Teaching Institute Posters will be scheduled Thursday morning. Submitters will be notified of the time and location of their presentation in mid-March.

  5. More information about hotel booking and convention registration is available online. You must be registered in order to present at the convention. You can register onsite at the convention, but please note that early registrants receive a special early bird registration rate before March 31.

  7. An LCD projector, screen, microphone, and speakers will be provided for symposia. All other equipment, including laptop computers, must be supplied by presenters. No audio visual equipment or setup will be permitted for poster presentations.

  9. Symposium: 55 or 80 minutes total, inclusive of discussion among presenters and the audience. 

    Poster: One hour (group session). Poster presenters may set up their poster before the session begins during the posted setup times. If your poster proposal is accepted, the notice you receive will include the time for both the poster session and setup.


For general information about the Call for Submissions please see the Rules and Guidelines.