29th APS Annual Convention: Mark Your Calendar (Boston, MA, USA - May 25-28, 2017)

Boston Program Preview


Fred Kavli Keynote Address

Lila R. Gleitman
University of Pennsylvania

Bring the Family Address

Laurie R. Santos
Yale University

Presidential Symposium

Susan Goldin-Meadow
The University of Chicago (Chair)

Amy J.C. Cuddy
Harvard University

Ted Supalla
Georgetown University

Susan Wagner Cook
The University of Iowa

Jessica K. Witt
Colorado State University

APS James Mckeen Cattell Fellow Award Addresses


Robert J. DeRubeis, University of Pennsylvania
Susan T. Fiske, Princeton University
Gary L. Wells, Iowa State University

APS William James Fellow Award


Mahzarin R. Banaji, Harvard University*
*A symposium will be held in her honor.
Hazel R. Markus, Stanford University

Daniel L. Schacter, Harvard University

Robert J. Sternberg, Cornell University