Vol 21, No. 6 June/July 2008

Cover Story

Psychology on the Road

Psychology on the Road By Ann Conkle and Catherine West With gas prices rising dramatically, many people are turning to mass transit. But for the vast majority, cars are still […]... More>

Observer Article

Personal Perspectives on the Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel: What Does Psychological Science Have to Do With It? Plenty!

When I moved to Washington DC in 2001 to help start a new federal research agency, I could not have imagined the changes that would ensue in educational research or, […]... More>

Observer Article

A Missed Opportunity for Psychology: The Story of Solomon Carter Fuller

The 1909 Clark University Conference. Solomon Carter Fuller is on the extreme right, last row (or, the third person back). In the front row are E.B. Titchener (second from left), […]... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

Publication Statistics Show Collaboration, Not Competition

Changing the name from American Psychological Society to Association for Psychological Science triggered a substantive gestalt switch in my perception of our organization. I welcomed the change as a commitment […]... More>

Observer Article

Behavioral Science and National Security

In a rare joint hearing of the House Armed Services Committee and the Science and Technology Committee, behavioral and social science got top billing. On April 28, 2008, the chair […]... More>