The Power in Willpower

Until recently, psychologists used to think of “willpower” as a metaphor, part of folk psychology having no relation to what actually happens in the head. The brain, seat of our […]... More>

Observer Article

No End in Sight for Budget Blues

The long slump in government financial support for research continues into the New Year. Get used to it. Money for science rates scant attention with Congress deadlocked, military spending taking […]... More>


On the Newsstand

Go Ahead, Rationalize. Monkeys Do It, Too The New York Times November 6, 2007 “For half a century, social psychologists have been trying to figure out the human gift for […]... More>

Teaching Tips

Enhancing Learning and Exam Preparation

Exams often are anxiety provoking; the first exam of a course even more so, as students do not know exactly how the professor tests. For many students, an exam review […]... More>

Presidential Column

Metrics of Science

Assessments of science are important for many different reasons. For individuals early in their careers, metrics of scientific work can provide valuable feedback about where they stand and the progress […]... More>