Student Notebook

APS Student Caucus Welcomes New Board

President Lisa Hasel Iowa State University Lisa Hasel is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in social psychology. Her research interests encompass the broad field of experimental psychology and law with a […]... More>

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Help Shape the Future of Psychological Science

If you’re a long-time Member of APS, you’ve no doubt noticed the growth of our flagship journal Psychological Science.  Over the years, we’ve increased the frequency of the journal from […]... More>

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What They Would Have Said: APS Honors Patrick J. Kennedy

Editor’s Note: No matter what your mother told you, sometimes things don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to. But if Mom also told you that when one door […]... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

Psychological Science Spanning Scientific and National Boundaries

In my view, psychological science in the Netherlands displays two distinctive features: an international outlook and a scientific enterprise that is increasingly defying traditional boundaries. By its very nature, science […]... More>

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Elliot Aronson: The Intersection of Art and Science

Art is a word not often associated with psychological science. Psychologists — APS members especially — prefer to characterize themselves as rational and methodical arbiters of psychological inquiry as opposed […]... More>