Member Article

Fighting Truthiness with Critical Thinking

The term truthiness, coined by Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, means “truth that comes from the gut, not books.” It was chosen as the word that best sums up 2006 in […]... More>


Hunger for Money

“Will work for food.” Scrawled on a piece of cardboard those words are a painful reminder of life’s fragility. They also pluck a deep chord in our psyche, because they […]... More>


Congress Reauthorizes NIH

After 13 years, Congress finally reauthorized the National Institutes of Health under the National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006, setting priorities for the restructuring and funding of the […]... More>

Observer Article

Bashing Science: It Could be Worse

Others have done it, too, but has President Bush exceeded his predecessors in twisting and abusing science to suit his political purposes? Indeed he has, even allowing for Richard Nixon, […]... More>


Silver Appointed to Homeland Security Committee

APS Fellow and Charter Member Roxane Cohen Silver has been a regular face in Washington since 2003, when she was appointed to the Academe and Policy Research Senior Advisory Committee […]... More>