Kids Are the Champs at Learning Language

It’s a given that some kids are better than others at throwing a baseball or memorizing a Shakespearean soliloquy.  Whether it’s due to inherent talent or education, or some combination […]... More>


Benbow Appointed to National Science Board

APS Fellow Camilla P. Benbow has been appointed by President Bush to serve a six-year term on the National Science Board (NSB). As a board member, Benbow will counsel the […]... More>

Presidential Column

Presidential Column: Reaching for Relevance

Twenty-five years ago, when I was in graduate school, my advisor received a phone call from a newspaper reporter. My advisor had just received a large grant from the National […]... More>


Research on National Character Dispels Personality Stereotypes

How many Americans does it take to replace a light bulb? None—they just ask a Canadian to do it. For many, this punch line elicits a few chuckles (from the […]... More>

Observer Article

APS Welcomes New Officers

The conclusion of the 18th Annual APS convention not only represented an achievement in the sharing of psychological science, but it also marked the induction of new APS officers. Morton […]... More>