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Go Away. Here’s How.

What began with a simple click at led me to an abundance of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and, eventually, to Nepal. I received the Fulbright Award in March of 2004 along […]... More>

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Contagious Behavior

On a fall morning in 1998, a teacher at a Tennessee high school noticed the smell of gas in her classroom and soon felt dizzy and nauseous. Some of her […]... More>

Presidential Column

Divided We Lose

I can remember a lunch I once had with Leon Festinger. We used to lunch once a week in New York at our favorite Italian restaurant, Il Bambino. Back in […]... More>


Good as Gold

When turning on their TVs to watch the 2006 Olympic Games in Turino, Italy this month, people all over the world will witness the same events. They will be thrilled […]... More>

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Correlation Still Isn’t Causation

In his letter to the editor [Observer, December 2005], Justin M. Joffe took issue with my assertion in a “Teaching Tips” column [Observer, September 2005] that “distinguishing correlation from causation” […]... More>