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How Random is That?

Compared to the hard rock of empirical methods, 18- to 20-year-old college students are a wet marsh of spontaneous behavior and malleable minds. In 1971, notable personality researcher Rae Carlson […]... More>

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In the Name of Science

The Board of Directors of the American Psychological Society has unanimously recommended that APS change its name to the Association for Psychological Science to underscore APS’s dedication to science as […]... More>

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Straat Science

I returned to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in September 2004, about 14 years after a first, much briefer stay there. Visa requirements involved a fairly rigorous background check. I had […]... More>

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Psychology Has a New Old Home at Georgia Tech

Most people — and all sports fans — know the Georgia Institute of Technology as Georgia Tech. Historically, our students referred to Tech as the North Avenue Trade School since […]... More>

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Observer Forum

‘Patients’ and ‘Clients’ In the wake of Roddy Roediger’s interesting discussion of the usage of “subjects” vs. “participants” in research reports, Christine Senn raised the question of referring to patients […]... More>