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Science and Religion Should Not Be Adversaries

The scientific community is experiencing what feels like unprecedented pressure from political and religious conservatives, both to distort the research agenda and insert non-science into science education programs. It is […]... More>

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Psychological Science Meets the World of Faith

My contributions to the psychology-religion dialogue reflect my interests as a liberal arts professor who enjoys relating psychological science to other fields, including religion. In some essays and trade books […]... More>

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It Didn’t Bother Descartes

A week before beginning my graduate studies in psychology, I happened upon a two-day workshop on the cantorate. Growing up in an observant Jewish home and attending synagogue every week, […]... More>

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Faculty Experiences at Religious Institutions

Nowhere is the intersection of science and religion more evident than in psychology programs at religious institutions of higher learning. APS Members at religious colleges and universities around the country […]... More>

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How ‘Unequivocal’ is the Evidence Regarding Television Violence and Children’s Aggression? In their review of the influence of media violence on youth, “The Influence of Media Violence on Youth,” published […]... More>