29th APS Annual Convention

May 25-28, 2017 | Boston, MA, USA

Postcard graphic thanking attendees for attending the 29th Annual APS Convention.

  • Lila Gleitman on Language Evolution

    In the Fred A. Kavli Keynote Address at the 29th APS Annual Convention, APS Fellow Lila R.Gleitman shared her six decades of theoretical and empirical work on the remarkably sophisticated way that children acquire language. See the complete presentation.

  • How Our Bodies Do – and Don’t – Shape Our Minds

    Individuals’ bodies and their abilities to act within their environments shape their perceptions of their surroundings, says psychological scientist Jessica Witt, Colorado State University. Witt discussed the psychophysics experiments she’s conducted to demonstrate these perceptions during one of four presentations in a Presidential Symposium chaired by Susan Goldin-Meadow. … More

  • Laurie Santos on What Makes the Human Mind So Special

    Psychological scientist Laurie R. Santos of Yale University says that her cognitive experiments with monkeys and dogs suggests that humans’ unique ability to understand others’ mental states can, in many cases, actually cause us to confuse that thinking with our own. See her complete presentation at the 29th APS Annual Convention in Boston. … More

  • Program

    Learn about the scientists delivering the Fred Kavli Keynote Address, the Bring the Family Address, the Presidential Symposium, and more. [More]

  • Exhibit With APS

    Connect with leading researchers from around the globe at the premier international convention covering psychological science… More