2012 Convention Videos

Gopnik Shares Research on Parenting and Learning

Modern parents try to raise their children to become smart, successful, happy adults. But this goal-centered concept of parenting is profoundly wrong, both scientifically and practically, says psychological scientist Alison Gopnik. An internationally recognized expert in child development, Gopnik shared research on why children should be nurtured, but not shaped, in her “Bring the Family” address at the 2016 APS Annual Convention.

Gopnik’s presentation, “Parents Without Parenting,” examined research showing how children learn from the people who care for them through everyday observation, conversation, and play, rather than through intensive supervision and direction.

Extreme Memory

APS Past President Henry Roediger, III, and memory athlete Nelson Dellis provided an inside (and scientific) look at the techniques used by memory athletes.

Passionate Love

Elaine C. Hatfield recounted this short history of research on passionate love, and offered some predictions for the future of this area of study, in her William James Fellow Award Address at the 24th APS Annual Convention.


Psychological Science Is Important (video)

Psychological science is important, as APS Executive Director Alan G. Kraut reminds us. By itself, psychological science produces a rich understanding of behavior. When paired with behavioral investigation, many other fields of scientific inquiry produce a richer understanding of our world.

Inside the Neurotic Mind

A brief history of neuroticism, and a briefer glimpse at new ways to fight it, framed his James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Address at the 24th APS Annual Convention.

Changing the Way Child Abuse Is Investigated

During her award address at the 24th APS Annual Convention in Chicago, Gail S. Goodman demonstrated how psychological scientists can positively influence the way child-abuse cases are investigated.

Learning Through Testing

Testing memory not only assesses what we know but changes it,” said Henry L. Roediger, III, as he summed up his most recent years of research in his William James Fellow Award Address at the 24th APS Annual Convention in Chicago.

Geraldine Dawson – New Directions in Early Detection and Intervention in Autism

Geraldine Dawson discusses the state of the science and future directions in early detection and intervention in autism, with a focus on the infant-toddler period.

“Who Owns Science?” Scientists From Diverse Perspectives Answer

APS President Douglas L. Medin called for “diverse perspectives” when he posed the profound three-word question, “Who owns science?”

Research — and Life — Revolves Around Context

Context matters, and Margaret Beale Spencer’s life is living proof. In her conversation with APS President Douglas L. Medin at the “Inside the Psychologist’s Studio” session, she spoke about her academic progress and how it impacted her research.

War on Wisdom

“America is broken” says Barry Schwartz, but a little practical wisdom could fix it.

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