Association for Psychological Science 22nd Annual Convention: Boston, MA

Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Teaching Applied Cognitive Science

Friday May 28, 2010, 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM - Back Bay Ballroom D

Roberta L. Klatzky Roberta L. Klatzky
Carnegie Mellon University

George Miller (1969) famously said that psychologists should 'give psychology away.' As teachers, we have the opportunity to give psychology away to an audience that is eager to receive it - our own students, and we have a ready-made gift box – our own courses. My talk will describe my own course in applied cognitive science as a possible model for teaching 'apps' more generally. Using examples from the course, I will describe challenges to the teacher, including selecting applied topics to teach, interleaving basic with applied topics, and accommodating to the inter-disciplinary nature of the applied world. On the positive side, I will point to lessons learned from studying successful application: Students come to understand that getting an application from testbed to product requires a sizable donation of sweat and can conflict with other aspects of a professional career. They see frustrations: Not all good science is applied, and pseudo-applications claiming, but lacking, a scientific foundation are readily found. Most important, students seem to really enjoy this type of course, and that is rewarding to any teacher of psychology.

2010 Program Committee
Tyler S. Lorig, Washington and Lee University (Chair); Nalini Ambady, Tufts University; Abigail Baird, Vassar College; Sian Beilock, University of Chicago; Daniel Klein, Stony Brook University, The State University of New York; Richard Lewis, Pomona College; Kris Preacher, University of Kansas; Deidra Schleicher, Purdue University; Timothy Strauman, Duke University; Tracy Zinn, James Madison University