Association for Psychological Science 22nd Annual Convention: Boston, MA

Special Event

Inside the Psychologist's Studio

Friday May 28, 2010, 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM - Constitution Ballroom

Linda Bartoshuk Chair: Linda Bartoshuk
University of Florida

Linda Bartoshuk has long been known not only for her brilliant work as a psychological scientist, but also for her skill as a master lecturer and communicator. Everyone who goes into one of her lectures saying, 'Why in the world do I want to know about papillae, tongue maps, and taste?' comes out informed and exhilarated, a convert to what science has to offer and, even more, to the process of scientific discovery. Linda will be interviewed by Carol Tavris. In this wide-ranging conversation, Linda will discuss her research, her experiences as a female scientist in a male-dominated field, the importance of speaking up, and what she and Carol learned from their visit to the Museum of Sex.


Carol Tavris Carol Tavris
Social Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Program Committee
Tyler S. Lorig, Washington and Lee University (Chair); Nalini Ambady, Tufts University; Abigail Baird, Vassar College; Sian Beilock, University of Chicago; Daniel Klein, Stony Brook University, The State University of New York; Richard Lewis, Pomona College; Kris Preacher, University of Kansas; Deidra Schleicher, Purdue University; Timothy Strauman, Duke University; Tracy Zinn, James Madison University