26th APS Annual Convention: Mark Your Calendar (San Francisco, CA, USA - May 22-25, 2014)

Cross-Cutting Theme Program

Action Video Games as Exemplary Learning Tools

Saturday, May 24, 2014, 2:30 PM - 3:05 PM
Imperial Ballroom B

New media use is often perceived as debilitating, yet the oft-decried activity of playing action-packed, fast-paced video games has been found to have surprisingly positive impact on a broad range of skills. A training regimen whose benefits are so broad is unprecedented and provides a unique opportunity to identify factors that underlie generalization of learning and principles of brain plasticity.

This is part of the Changing Neurobiology with Behavior Neurobiological Consequences of Behavior Theme Program.


Daphne Bavelier

Daphne Bavelier
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Subject Area: The Psychology of Violence

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