26th APS Annual Convention: Mark Your Calendar (San Francisco, CA, USA - May 22-25, 2014)

Inside the Psychologist's Studio

Inside the Psychologist's Studio With Paul Ekman

Friday, May 23, 2014, 3:30 PM - 4:50 PM
Imperial Ballroom A

Paul  Ekman

Paul Ekman
Paul Ekman Group, LLC

Robert W. Levenson

Robert W. Levenson
University of California, Berkeley

Be a part of a live studio audience! Like its quasi-namesake, the APS Inside the Psychologist’s Studio series features interviews with legends of psychological science. In this installment, Paul Ekman will be interviewed by Robert Levenson. During the conversation, Ekman will look back on his research and accomplishments, and how those experiences shaped his career and the field.

Paul Ekman studies facial expressions and the way they can signal deception and reflect a person’s true underlying emotion. Ekman’s research was the first to show that some types of facial expressions (e.g., fear, disgust, and anger) are universal among all cultures, and along with Wallace V. Friesen he developed the widely used Facial Action Coding System – a taxonomy of every facial expression. His research on identifying deception and hidden demeanor is used by law enforcement and national security organizations to help identify security threats. Ekman was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people and one of the APA’s most influential psychologists of the 20th century and was the inspiration for the main character, Cal Lightman, on the TV show “Lie to Me.” Ekman has even consulted with the animation studio Pixar to help bring their characters to life. He is the recipient of the APS William James Fellow Award for his lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology.

This session will be filmed and made available online after the Convention. Seating will be 3:30 PM- 4:00 PM. Doors will close at 4:00 PM.

This APS series includes interviews with such luminaries as Elliot Aronson, Linda M. Bartoshuk, Jerome S. Bruner, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Eleanor Maccoby, Brenda Milner, and Janet Taylor Spence. To watch these and other interviews, click here.


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