Convergence: Connecting Levels of Analysis in Psychological Science
 In the past, our field harbored distinct, and often competing, schools of thought that tackled different problems and produced findings that often appeared to diverge. Today, investigators attack shared problems at complementary levels of analysis and produce results that converge. Studies of people in a social world; mental systems of cognition and emotion; and biological mechanisms of the genome and the nervous system interconnect and yield an integrated psychological science. The APS 23rd Annual Convention displays, and celebrates, these advances in our field.

Invited Address

The New Statistics: Why, How, and Where Next

Saturday, May 26, 2012, 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

Geoff Cumming

Geoff Cumming
La Trobe University, Australia

Our research will improve as we adopt estimation—effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis to analyze and interpret our results. I will explain why this approach is better, describe practical strategies for using estimation, and outline developments to assist widespread adoption. Expect lots of color and movement.

Subject Area: Methodology

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