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How to Perform Interdisciplinary Research

Thursday, May 27, 2010, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Berkeley A - B

Daniel Ansari

Daniel Ansari
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Abigail A. Baird

Abigail A. Baird
Vassar College

Jennifer A. Richeson

Jennifer A. Richeson
Northwestern University

Interdisciplinary research has the potential to advance the science of psychology more rapidly and expansively than more restrictive and directly iterative work. However, interdisciplinary research also creates unique challenges with regard to the publication process, securing research money, and professional promotion. This workshop will address how to create "hybrid vigor" among complementary fields in psychology. We will discuss strategies for making interdisciplinary research the primary focus of one's research, as well as developing interdisciplinary projects that complement a singularly focused research program. We will also address ways to formulate meaningful interdisciplinary questions, as well foster cross-disciplinary collaboration.

After a general presentation, break-out groups will form to discuss specific example of interdisciplinary research including:

Mind, Brain and Education
Social Cognitive Neuroscience
Developmental Neuroscience

Separate registration is required for Workshops, and is open to Convention and/or Teaching Institute registrants only.

Subject Area: General

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