Tools of Psychological Science

The APS 21st Annual Convention will feature several addresses and workshops that address the "Tools of Psychological Science." These events will offer cutting-edge information and practical advice on models, methods, and measurement in psychological science, as well as resources for conducting psychological science. These events, cross-listed here, are included in other sections of the program highlights, and will be scheduled throughout the convention.

Modern Psychological Measurement: New Developments in Item Response Theory
Chair: Li Cai, University of California, Los Angeles

The State of the Science on Factorial Invariance
Chair: Todd Little, University of Kansas

Advances in Meta-analysis for Multivariable Linear Models
Chair: Adam Hafdahl, Washington University in St. Louis

Chair: Ying-Yi Hong, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How Do We Measure Pleasure?
The APS David Myers Lecture on the Science and Craft of Teaching Psychology
Linda Bartoshuk, University of Florida

New Methodology for the Random Assignment of Apparent Gender and Expressivity in a Videoconference Conversation Paradigm
Invited Talk
Steven Boker, University of Virginia

Emotion Regulation Abilities and Career Success
Invited Talk
Stéphane Côté, University of Toronto

Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data Analysis
Don Hedeker, University of Illinois at Chicago

Reporting and Interpreting Effect Sizes
Bruce Thompson, Texas A&M University

Understanding, Planning, and Executing The Complete Power Analysis
Jason Cole, Consulting Measurement Group, Inc.

Perspectives on Scientific Writing
Randall Engle, Georgia Institute of Technology
Robert A. Bjork, University of California, Los Angeles
Maryanne Garry, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Morton Ann Gernsbacher, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research at Small Colleges
Tyler Lorig, Washington and Lee University
Richard Lewis, Pomona College

Show Me the Money: Grant-Getting for Graduate Students and New Faculty
Courtney Ferrell, National Institute of Mental Health
Robert Levenson, University of California, Berkeley

San Francisco Marriott
55 Fourth St., San Francisco CA 94103
May 22 - May 25, 2009

How Do We Measure Pleasure? - Lindo Bartoshuk