Marital Health and Children’s Emotional Reactivity in China and the United States

Time and Location
Brain, Body, Behavior, and Health - Board: BH-075
Friday May 23, 2008, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Chicago 8&9

Daniel Kessler
University of Michigan

Jesse L. Wilkinson
University of Michigan

Barbara T. Felt
University of Michigan

Li Wang
Peking University

Sheryl L. Olson
University of Michigan

Niko Kaciroti
University of Michigan

Twila Z. Tardif
University of Michigan

This research suggests that parents of Chinese and American preschoolers differ in marital conflict, ambivalence, and relationship maintenance attitudes but not in marital love. Parents' marital health is a good predictor for preschoolers' physiological reactivity under stressful circumstances even when controlling for other theoretically-linked factors (such as parent-reported child reactivity).

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