Psi Chi Distinguished Speaker

Assessing the Validity of Implicit Association Test (IAT) Measures

Time and Location
Friday May 25, 2007, 3:00 PM - 4:20 PM
Military Room

Anthony G. Greenwald
University of Washington

Between first publication of the IAT in 1998 and early 2007, more than 5 million IATs have been completed online. As a research tool, the IAT has become a leading technique for investigations of implicit social cognition, a domain with the potential to reveal preferences for racial, ethnic, and other groups that (a) may remain outside a person's awareness and (b) can clash with that same person's genuinely professed (explicit) beliefs. As of early 2007, PsycINFO retrieves 350 sources that reference the IAT, many of which include empirical reports of IAT data. The extensive use of the IAT to investigate implicit social cognition has naturally raised questions about the validity and conceptual meaning of IAT measures. This presentation will review the current state of research knowledge of the IAT's validity, with particular attention to the appropriateness of the IAT's use to characterize human cognition related to phenomena of prejudice and stereotyping.

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