Digital Ads


Official Convention App

Quickly becoming one of the favorite ways attendees navigate the convention, the 2015 APS App has opportunities for rotating banner ads, ads on the home screen, and sponsorships.

Banner Ad $900
Logo in Exhibitor List $100


twitter bird

Twitter Display

Let attendees follow you on Twitter displays throughout the APS Convention hotel. Once an hour your ad will display on screens found on every floor of the convention.  The displays will also show live Twitter feeds from attendees and psychological science fans around the world, as well as information on convention events.

Twitter Ad $500 (exhibitor)/$1,000 (non-exhibitor)

APS website on Apple monitor Convention Website Banners

As attendees register online and make decisions about what programs to attend at the convention, let them know you will be there with a banner ad.

Left Side Bar $500/30 days
Top of Search Results $700/30 days

Keynote event display of PowerPoint screens

The Big Screen

Just like the movies! As attendees take their seats before each of the three plenary events, a PowerPoint show will entertain attendees, and you can be part of it.
One Slide (repeated during show) $750