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Symposia submissions are accepted through midnight 17 September, 2014, Pacific Standard Time. Poster submissions are accepted through midnight 30 September, 2014, Pacific Standard Time. If you have questions about the Call for Submissions, please contact icps@psychologicalscience.org.


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Please contact APS at icps@psychologicalscience.org or +1 202.293.9300 with any questions about the Call for Submissions or the ICPS 2015.

Important Dates
Symposium Submission Deadline:
17 September, 2014

Poster Submission Deadline:
30 September, 2014

Symposium: Late-October
Posters: Mid-November

Scheduling Notification:
Symposium: Late-December
Posters: Mid-March

26th APS Annual Convention
12-14 March, 2015

Rules and Guidelines
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