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As a student affiliate of APS you will receive Psychological Science, Current Directions, and the APS Observer and Employment Bulletin. The Student Notebook is a regular feature of The Observer dedicated to our own issues and concerns. For additional information contact our Notebook Editor.

APS Observer Reprints

Reprints are maintained and available upon request from the APS office in Washington, DC. Reprint topics include the following:

Writing your Vitae - learn the ins and outs of presenting yourself to the job market
   May, 1989, Volume 2, Number 3

How to Do Well in the Academic Job Interview - get the inside scoop on professional presentation
   November, 1993, Volume 6, Number 6

A Short Course on APA Style - quick tips to improve and refine your writing
   September, 1995, Volume 8, Number 5

How to Apply to Graduate School - don't make the mistakes yourself, benefit from everyone else's wisdom
   September, 1989, Volume 2, Number 5

The Best of Aunt Kenn - ... it's Aunt Kenn sharing all her wisdom

...and many others.

For reprint requests contact:
Association for Psychological Science
1010 Vermont Avenue, NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005-4907

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