May/June 2013 Observer Volume 26, Number 5

Student Notebook

Social Anxiety in the Age of Social Networks

The advent of the Internet has changed the way individu­als and groups of individuals interact with one another and the world. In fact, an entire generation has been brought up with the idea that “socializing” includes an online component. ... More>

Presidential Column

The Changing Landscape for Research and Education in Psychological Science

It doesn’t seem possible but this is the last column of my term as APS President. Throughout the past year you have heard from many of our APS colleagues who hold various administrative positions in universities in the United States and Europe. ... More>

Observer Article

The Either/Or of Psychological Science: A Reflection

There are many things to be happy or concerned about in our field; these include the science of psychological science, its application, and its development internationally. ... More>


New Guidelines for Training in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) recently sponsored an Inter-organizational Task Force on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Doctoral Education to develop guidelines and statements of best practices for integrated education and training in cognitive and behavioral psychology (CBP) at the doctoral level. The task force was co-chaired by APS Fellow Robert K. Klepac, immediate past president of ABCT, and George F. Ronan, professor of psychology and director of the Violence Reduction Clinic at Cen­tral Michigan University. ... More>

Observer Article

Celebrating 25 Years of APS

The next few issues of APS’s journal Perspectives on Psychological Science will include special sections highlighting some of the major changes in the field between 1988 and the present. ... More>