February 2013 Volume 26, Number 2

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Twenty Years Later, Gibson’s Advice Is Still Good

Eleanor J. “Jackie” Gibson used her keynote address at the 1993 APS Convention as a call to arms against dualism, reductionism, and a losing dichotomy between nature and nurture. Much of her advice still rings true. ... More>


Remembering Nicki R. Crick

APS Fellow Nicki R. Crick passed away at the age of 54 after a brief but courageous battle with cancer. Crick was a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychology at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota. ... More>

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Passionate Love

If there’s one sentiment shared by all great artists, from Shakespeare to Beyoncé (not that we’re comparing the two), it’s this: Love is intense. Only in the last century have psychological scientists begun to regard passionate love as a viable research topic. ... More>

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Three Teachers’ Treasured Technologies

Are these not the best of times for professing psychology? Gone are yesterday’s chalk, overheads, and VHS cassettes. Enter today’s PowerPoint animations, embedded video clips, and SMART Boards. ... More>

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Silent Treatment

Let me tell you a story. It takes place when I was in kindergarten, so picture me shorter, with jaunty green ribbons on the ends of my braids and bright red sandals (I was going through my Wizard of Oz phase). ... More>