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Positively Negative

Feeling comfortable with negativity may be the key to true happiness, according to researchers who study emotion from a variety of perspectives. ... More>

Observer Article

Reflections on Five Years as Editor

A new submission every 3 hours and 12 minutes, makes for a busy 5 years with Psychological Science. ... More>

Presidential Column

The Fabric of Psychology Departments in Europe Is Intricate and Wonderful

Modern-day European psychology departments are shaped by the long history and distinct social mission of the Old World university. ... More>

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Taking Science to Court

US courts are listening to what science has to say about factors that influence children’s well-being. ... More>

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Changing the Way Child Abuse Is Investigated

Leading questions are discouraged in the courtroom, but they may be the best method for getting children to disclose discomforting information, says James McKeen Cattell Fellow Gail S. Goodman. ... More>